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Monther Tarawneh
A brief Biography
Tarawneh finished his PhD from the university of Sydney. his PhD research was on Molecular Phylogenetic for 3 years Under the supervision of Professor BingBing Zhou . During this time he worked as a research assistance for 6 months only for professor Zhou. Awarded his PhD Degree (2008). Prior to his PhD, he got master in information technology (Software Engineering) in 2004. During his master degree he has done a few projects that gave him inspiration to do PhD.

Dr. Tarawneh received his bachelor degree in computer science from the Department of computer Science, Muath University in the kingdom of Jordan 1999. After that He spent 3 years in Mutah university working as a tutor/Help-Desk in the Department of Computer Science (2000-2003). During this time, he gain experience on teaching variety of undergraduate courses and help student with their graduation projects. He enjoyed his time their and never forget it.

Dr. Monther's research interest are in the area of algorithms, Parallel and distributed computing, compuational biology, Bioinformatics, system Biology, Natural Language Processing, and Molecular Evolution.  Currently, He is starting up his career and looking for a ship in the teaching or research sea. 

Title:Bachelor degree of computer Science
Year awarded:1999
Institution:Muítah University/ Jordan

Title:Master of information technology/ Software Engineering
Year awarded:2004
Institution:The University of Sydney/ Australia

Title:PHD in Science/Computational Biology
Year awarded:2008
Institution:The University of Sydney/ Australia

Employment History
Start Date:May 2007
End Date:Oct 2007
Position/Title: Employer:Research assistance  The University of Sydney
Responsibilities/ Achievements:Doing Research and programming in Bioinformatics. The main field was phylogenetic inference and evolution. The main focus was on the design and development of computer algorithm that can handle large input.

Start Date:Jul 1999
End Date:Mar 2003
Position/Title: Employer:Lecturer/Tutor/help desk Muítah University/ Jordan
Responsibilities/ Achievements:Teaching undergraduate courses that includes programming languages (such as C, C++, Pascal, Cobol, JAVA, VB6, HTML, PYTHON), Oracle DB, Developer 6, web design, Network Security, Project Management, e-commerce, and Computer skills(MSOffice). Helping student with login problems.
Parallel and Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering and Computer Security.
Research Interest
QBNJ: Quartet based neighbour joining algorithm for reconstructing evolutionary trees from molecular data. The program written in C language during my PhD time and still under development.

Bank online: web based application written in cooperation with other student during my master degree.

Interactive PASCAL: a graduation project written incorporation with other mates during my bachelor degree. The program implemented using Visual basic to make Pascal language easier and interactive.
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Tarawneh, M., Zhou, B.B., Wang, P., Wang, C., Zomaya A.Y., 2007. Investigating the relationship among excavate taxa using new quartet based phylogenetic analysis method, proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications symposium on Bioinformatics and life science computation (BLSC), pp. 662-667, Niagara Falls, Canada, May 200

Tarawneh, M, "A novel Quartet-Based Method For Reconstructing Evolutionary trees from Moleculare Data", PhD Thesis, The University of Sydney, 200
Start Date:Jan 2009
End Date:Feb 2010
Position/Title: Employer:Academic Affairs Coordinator The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission
Responsibilities/ Looking after sponsored student from Saudi Arabia by making sure that they are doing the right course, solve their problems, contact Australian universities, and building a new software. 

Start Date:Feb 2008
End Date:Nov-2008
Position/Title: Employer:lecturer/tutor Ballarat University-Sydney Campus (MIT Melbourne)
Responsibilities/ ∑ Teaching software Engineering and design Course. ∑ Tutor for the same course.